Sunday, August 21, 2011

My Banana Delight Hair Treatment for Dry and Brittle Hair!

Hello Everyone! Has your Hair Been Dry and brittle?
And Very hard to Manageable? If So I have a Great Natural Solution
to Bring the Life back to You Hair!
It is Called My Banana Delight Hair Treatment!
You can do this in the comforts of your home or you can
come to me and I can do it for You!
I also offer Several other different Treatments but I wanted to
share on of my Favorites with Everyone..
This Treatment will make your Hair Super Soft and
Moisturize your hair. It will also promote hair Growth.
Your Hair and Scalp will Sooo Thank you For It :-))
It is so funny B/c most of us already have the Items
we need in there Kitchen.
The Food Items you will need is:
1. Bananas (1 Ripe Banana)
2. Honey (4 Tablespoons)
3. Olive Oil (3 Table Spoons)
4. Lemon Juice (3 TableSpoons)
5. Cinnamon (1 Tablespoon)
6) Aloe Vera Juice (5 TableSpoons)
7) Mayo or Salad Dressing (3 TableSpoons)
**You can add more measurements if needed***

The Other Items you will need:
A Blender
A funnel (To put all of the Items in the Plastic Applicator bottle)
A nozzle tip plastic applicator bottle
A Towel
Plastic Cap or Saran Wrap
*** BLend up all the items above on the milkshake setting
in the Blender. You want to liquefy it but don't make it
super thin. Then put all the mixture in your nozzle tip plastic applicator.
Don't forget to use your funnel to pour the mix in the bottle.
That makes the process not so messy and easy to put in the hair.
Ok lets get started. You want to 1st make sure your hair is freshly
washed. Make sure you Towel blot your hair it should be Lightly damp.
Section off your hair into 4 sections.
Take each section and add the conditioning treatment to your ends to your
root. Once all finish get your plastic cap and put it on your hair.
Get under the Dry or Conditioning Cap for 45 mins.
Then after the 45mins Rinse your Hair with Cool water.
Towel Dry your Hair and Style as usual.
You will have soft, shinny, moisturized hair!
The Benefits of all the Items used will also promote hair Growth.
You will Sooo Love this Treatment!!

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"Live, Laugh, Love, & Encourage Someone and You will Be Blessed..."



  1. I actually made a mixture very similar with banana and I loved it mainly because of how the banana left my hair feeling! Definitely have to try this recipe! Thanks!


    1. Kimberly~
      Your welcome..
      Yes I love this mixture.
      Thx for viewing!
      Be Blessed...